Study Module in
entreprneneurship – O2

This module in artistic entrepreneurship is based on a broad interpretation of the termentrepreneurship. It is connected to definitions of entrepreneurship as being able.
To figure out alternative forms of creating in contrast to dominating practices.
To expand your identity by integrating all your resources and your connections to the world intoyour artistic practice.
To transform ideas to actions that will change something - innovation  

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Idea catalogue
for AE Module –Appendix

Philosophy is fond of questioning. Here, we are called to make our ‘life or death question’ ofthe day and writing it down in one sheet of paper. Then, each one of us chooses, within theparticipants, the person that he/she finds more suitable to answer that question. Maybe itis necessary some kind of negotiation in the case of multiple choices of the same person,but the idea is that everyone makes 1 question and everyone writes 1 answer. The chosenperson writes the answer with the same pressure condition, e. g., it should be a ‘life ordeath answer’. In the end the original questioners receive their answers and each one ofthem decides if the answer is sharable or no.  

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AE module-draft
proposal- 4 weeks

Creating a community of practice through reflection and togetherness.  

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Descriptions -Heart

Philosophy, as a constant and continuous activity, is as much an intellectual work as an action. In the following workshops / actions, the idea of making or doing philosophy is more important than learning philosophy or having a catalogue of philosophical problems. The world that surrounds us is the basic material for our thought and language is our way to understand the world.   

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ECTHEC - Intellectual outcomes – Recommendations and reflection upon a research project
In the application for the ERASMUS+ project we extracted four domains in terms of knowledge production. In the following you can read different advices and reflections from project members of the teacher and research group, distributed on the four domains. The advices and reflections should be read as multiple and diverse voices of the project more than anything else. We have chosen to sample the written voices in this document to celebrate the ongoing collectiveness and co-creative work mood we have worked in. Read and be inspired.   

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